Workstation Setup

What's your workstation setup? Here's mine: Desktop An old pal which I used since my final year of bachelor degree. It has gone through several iterations. »


I've been wanting a mechanical keyboard for a very long time. 2 weeks ago, I ordered a Keycool 87 (Tenkey-less) from Taobao. It just reached yesterday. »


We started growing berry trees long ago. Its time to multiply them. Week 3 Progress Updates: All 5 of them Strongest among all Smallest and weakest »

Function Return

Normally, synchronous function can only returns one value. Therefore, it is better for asynchronous function to follow the same structure (to resolve only one value). In »

Building NGINX

If you would like to replace the current default NGINX package for Ubuntu with the latest version from source. This is the configuration I tested and »