In a multi-cultural country like Malaysia, misunderstanding among different culture is common. However, recently there are too many incidents of such to a point of being »

Modern Parent

I felt delighted when I read posts about how the parent get adapted into this modern world with technology. My parent had and adapted into this »

My 2014

Happy New Year 2015, Shern Shiou. As I get older, time seems to fly by faster. My life now resembles a compacted story book separated into »

Swimming Hippo on Etsy

I am helping my mother to sell her crafts. Check it out! new Etsy.Mini(9592914,'gallery',3,2,0,atob('aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZXRzeS5jb20=')); Handmade sunbonnet sue »

What's in my bag?

I travel a lot. I do not have a permanent office. Here's what in my bag:- Laptop (+ wireless mouse) Stationery Earphones Toothbrush (thanks to CN »

Workstation Setup

What's your workstation setup? Here's mine: Desktop An old pal which I used since my final year of bachelor degree. It has gone through several iterations. »


I've been wanting a mechanical keyboard for a very long time. 2 weeks ago, I ordered a Keycool 87 (Tenkey-less) from Taobao. It just reached yesterday. »