Last Saturday (9 July 2011), Malaysian all over the world came together and march to demand for cleaniness in Electoral. I was in Klang Valley but yet I didn’t join it. For me this march is even bigger than a march itself. Many would think it is a peaceful march for the better future for Malaysia. However, many people joined this rally with different purposes. Each have their own agenda to see them happen. I guess this rally may has strike in the middle how people from various corners want it.

Current Government

Since the beginning of this event (even from the proposal stage), the incumbent made a lot grey statements luring the BERSIH committee for the event to happen in a shape they wanted it. From banning the event, granting a venue yet retract it in the last minute, they are trying to test the limit of the people. Provoking the anger yet limiting the traffic into the city center confuses the people (organizer and the participants), all leads to their main objective. The signs and actions clearly show that they are striking fear to the rakyat to show their power. You never know, they might had planted someone inside the crowds to provoke them into hostility. At the end the peace rally became a non peace rally. With the police force using tear gas and chemical-laced water, the government made the whole scenario looks like angry-mob vs the police. This strikes two birds with one stones cause it also angers the business people around that area (quoting fake lost amount of economic lost). On top of that, using the mass-media the government are now able to paint the images of the opposition to cause the confusion to the non-intellectual people outskirt. All in all, the current government wanted to show their power and causes more people to hate the opposition to prepare for the upcoming election.

The Opposition

Some of you might be surprised, why are those old leaders from the opposition came to the rally knowingly they are unable to walk that far and get caught later? They too have their purposes. They are wise people. Having serving as oppositions for numbers of years, they knew in and out of Malaysian political scene. They believed a rally would not change anything in the end. The EC will be as kotor as long as the current government stayed. So why they came? First, they are borrowing this event as a free media to tear off the face of the incumbent. They uses BERSIH to tell the world how dirty is the election committee, how undemocratic is Malaysia. Knowing the leaders of the current government would not join this event (cause they have announced BERSIH as an illegal rally), they joined it to show how close they are with the rakyat hoping to get more trusts and loves from us which in the future they might get more votes. While walking with the rally, they hoped they get caught ‘live’ in front of the eyes. By getting caught, they showed how heroic they are by joining the people who get caught. On the other hand, it also shows that how brutal and unjust is our police force (under the provision of our current government). So you think they believe in clean electoral? NO, they came so they win.


You guys are victims of the event of cat and rat. With or without BERSIH, do you realized that we are a victim of the dirty political scene between current government and the opposition? Joining the event and risking your life so that you can be a part of the change might be heroic. Therefore, this BERSIH 2.0 sighted more teenager than the previous rarely. Drawing blood from the nature of rebellious in the teenagers and social media, the organizers carefully crafted the whole package to suit them. What you did is risking yourself, made your parent worry and volunteer yourself as a tool for the both parties. As a tool in this event, I congratulate you guys because you have archived the effect intended for the both parties. As a cherry on top of the cake, you are recognized by the international bodies making them to focus on Malaysia for a day. Both the parties got they wanted but do you get the clean election you requested?


The rally did not achieve the objective but only more economic lost (according to the news :P). To be BERSIH, we need to acknowledge the root cause. The root of our current situation is not how kotor is our EC or how bersih we wanted for our coming election. The root of all these are caused by how dirty are our politicians. BERSIH showed us how deep we had sank. We are so dirt cheap now. Both sides are using the rakyat to archive what they wanted. They do not only neglected our voice and right but also have the power to swing us however they wanted. At one side, they break and conquer us (PERKASA). On the other side, they played with our mind telling us how the current government is conducting the rasuah as if they did not. As a tool, the rebellions are blinded therefore they chose side. They forgot either place they stand, they still will land on a piece of shit or on a smelly dung. So why do you want BERSIH election but the political parties here came from the ass which are still KOTOR? Fix them first!

I wish I wish I can sit on a fence high enough to hold on a helping hand from the heaven sky.