Happy New Year 2015, Shern Shiou. As I get older, time seems to fly by faster. My life now resembles a compacted story book separated into several different chapters. Once in a while, they get erratic and uncontrolled. Sometimes, there is no room for me to make preparation for the problems. I have given up. I just have to surrender and face those unplanned events bravely. Were they worth it? I do doubt myself every now and then.

My 2014 was up and down. It was a year that I learned a lot. Hopefully the lesson I learned can be converted into valueble experience to help in my future endeavour. I tried hard to do what I love and be myself. Weirdly, the more I tried to by myself, the harder it gets. The world seems to become a certain system that we must follow. Like flour to fit a mould but this time the mould is determined by the powerful people around us. Is this the freedom we sought after or just an imaginary one?