Recently I came across an article touching on the impact of being too involved into a profession. Through my observation, I found out that my profession (programmer) has a major negative impact. I called it Programmers' Negativity. Programmers' Negativity (PN) is commonly found on a person after too many years engaging on coding, debugging or going through multiple SDLCs. A programmer has a habit to find bug and debug it. Everyday, we need to crush bug for our program to work flawlessly. When times flew by, unknowingly it has become part of a habit of programmer life. Programmers comment on everything. They see the negative side of everything. Criticise, criticise and criticise. Maybe this is part of the problem where majorly software developers hop so much in their career. Satisfaction is hard to comeby.

Yes I admit, I am infected by this disease. I must avoid it. Resisstt!