Born in the 90s, a handful of conflicts and wars started and ended. However, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinian over the ownership of the land is still yet to resolve, wars restarting over and over again resulting the life of many civilians as the collateral damage. The purpose of this article is to help Malaysian to get a clearer picture amid all the bias opinion given in social media by reimagining if the conflict had happened to us since our Hari Kemerdekaan on 1957. In hoping that we will appreciate our peace even more and stand united regardless of our differences.

Prelude - Similarities and Differences

Malaysia as a multi-cultural country, we do share many similarities with Israelis and Palestinian. The immigrants (mainly Chinese and Indian) settled at Malaya because their current state of life in the home country was terrible. Similarly, the Jews who have just suffered the Holocaust between 1941 - 1945 by German military led by Adolf Hitler settled at the area near Jerusalem. Palestinian resembles the native resident here (e.g. Malay) who have been living for more than 1000 years. Eventhough Palestine was never declared as an official state during the reign of Ottoman Empire, but the Palestinian have been calling the region (between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan river) their home since even during the time of Ancient Greece.

We are lucky because the differences in our culture and religion do not bring much problem compared to Israelis and Palestinian. The religion baggage for both sides happened to be one of the main reason on why they cannot live together in harmony just like oil and water don’t mix. The long historical hatred between each other does not help either.


Backtrack back to the time before the independence when our founding fathers are negotiating for our freedom, Malaya was poised with the issue of having so many foreign immigrants residing permanently here. Even tough they are the integral part of the country, but there were noises and doubts in starting a new multi-cultural country. We are lucky because Tunku made the right decision while negotiating with the British Empire resulting a prosperous country free of war we have today.

If our founding father at that time did not have the vision and took the same decision as the current Israelis and Palestinian did, we might not be as far of as them today. Malaysia will be the never ending war-thorn country. The native and immigrant did not want to form a multi-cultural country will insist of chasing each other out for personal interest. Imagine United Nation General Assembly then stepped in and implemented a partition plan where the area heavily populated with Chinese and Indian formed a country while the rest dominated by the native (especially Malay) formed another country. The result will be almost similar to the state of Israel and Palestine in those early formation days.

Filled by hatred towards the immigrant and loosing their homeland, the native launch a direct attack on the immigrant to destroy them in order to force them to return their homeland. Since the formation of their country, the immigrant knew the attacks from the native were imminent. With better preparation and good intelligence, the immigrant not only was able to fend of the attacks but also conquered more lands during the weakest point of the native through multiple strike backs. This was a massive victory resembles Six-Day Israeli war ended up taking most of Palestine.

Battle of Greed and Evil

Ever since this event, Palestinian got harder in regaining their land due to limited resources and military power. In addition, internal conflict between FATAH and HAMAS weakened their people. Brother wars between FATAH and HAMAS nearly destroy Palestine. On the other hand, Israel got stronger and advance to a point where there is nearly no chance for Palestine to regain their land. Without the help of the voiceless OIC leaders and their muslim neighbour, the Zionists in Israel are ready to take advantage of their weak foes to restore their Promised Land. As a snipe and a clam are entangled in a fight, a fisherman catch them both.

The greedy Palestinian led by HAMAS today are still dreaming of cleansing the Jews from their land. Its an uphill battle that they will never win by force. In fact, their actions gave away more opportunities and excuses for the evil Israelis to achieve what they are aiming for.

Perfect Dream

The oppression practised from Zionists is alarming and against humanity, people around the globe are rejecting their action. Even the jews themselves are protesting against their Zionist government. One day if they achieved their Promised Land but lost the support of the people, is Israel stronger than them today? Palestine on the other hand, foolishly destroying their culture in return of nothing. Even if they won the battle and able to cleanse the Jew, they are just another Hitler of modern day. That land is no one side to own, its a place for them to share.

I hope Palestinian and Israeli can learn from multi-cultural country like Malaysia. Create a new democratic nation that shares and prospers. Throw away the hatred, forget about Zionism and learn to accept each other. The ongoing war not only sacrifice many human life but also slowly destroying the culture left behind there.

Malaysia on the other hand can learn a thing or two from this incident. No one can win from oppressive, God created human equally only. If you are against the oppression asserted from the Israelis on Palestinian, do not practice it here too. Please appreciate this lovely country by keeping it free and equal. Nit-picking on our differences will only starts a never-ending battle.

Selamat Hari Raya to my fellow friends who celebrate it.