During my secondary school, everyone in the school read a poem by Robert Frost called The Road Not Taken. It questions us to pick a path for your future. It teaches me on being responsible on the decisions. Its has been years after I first encountered this poem, this poem still does not fail to frequent me whenever I am making hard decisions. Dear Robert, did you really sigh when you took the road less taken? Just so you know, I do not think your sigh is a sign of regret. I guess its a human norm. In the end, human is just the greedy bunch. There is another thing I learnt so far. There is a greater power that is not up above but resides within yourself. When the moment comes, the moment that requires your decision, the answer will appear. It comes straight from your heart. No matter how much you wanna reject it, you just cant. Its instinct. Just follow your instinct, believe in yourself, be responsible, the world will be brighter.