What’s your workstation setup? Here’s mine:


An old pal which I used since my final year of bachelor degree. It has gone through several iterations.

  • CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 (2.33GHz)
  • Motherboard ASUST P5G41T-M LX
  • RAM 8GB DDR3
  • GPU NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT
  • Harddisks SAMSUNG Spinpoint 1TB, WD 320GB, WD 80GB
  • Monitor Dell U2311H
  • Keyboard Keycool 87 Cherry MX Blue with Gray PBT
  • and other el-cheapos

I hope to upgrade this soon because it doubles as my entertainment machine


  • Model Lenovo Thinkpad E430
  • CPU Intel Core i7-3612QM CPU (2.10GHz)
  • RAM 12GB DDR3
  • GPU Nvidia GeForce GT 540M
  • Harddisks Crucial M4 256GB SSD, WD 750GB, SanDisk 16GB SSD

This is my primary work machine and I’m loving it. I would like to have Thinkpad Carbon X1 in the future tho